Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

The road to becoming one of the best coffee shops in London

Coffee Consumption in the UK

It’s no secret that the UK is on the low end of the list when it comes to European coffee consumption. Analysts at Barclays and the International Coffee Association have found that Brits consume only 2.8 kg of coffee per head, just a fraction of the 7 kg per head consumed in countries like Sweden and Germany. What’s surprising, however, is that the UK coffee shop industry is on the rise and there appears to be plenty of room before the market saturates. So what does this mean for local shop owners? The following tips from the Trezoro team are here to help coffee shops manage the consumption habits of their customers and guide them towards becoming one of the best coffee shops in London!

Create an appealing environment: Why is it that the coffee shop industry is able to grow beyond that of actual coffee consumption? The answer lies in the way in which Brits are utilizing coffee shops. They are not using coffee shops only to buy coffee, but also as social meeting points. A tradition once reserved for pubs is shifting towards coffee shops, and pubs are closing at a rate of about 31 per week, according to The Campaign for Real Ale. With that being said, shop owners should increase their focus on selling the ‘coffee shop experience’. Create a welcoming environment with a unique ambiance. A large enough seating area is important in creating a space where people feel comfortable bringing their friends, a wifi connection can serve as a make or break factor for someone looking for a place to get some work done. Getting people into your shop is the hardest part. Once you do that, your products will start to sell themselves.

Consider loyalty schemes: It is less expensive to retain old customers than to acquire new ones, so it is important to treat your current customers well. So once you’ve gotten some customers into your shop you must ask yourself, “how can we get these customers to come back?” or more importantly “how do we get these customers to come back often?” Customer loyalty schemes are a great way to implement a kind of relationship-based marketing and can serve as a thank you to repeat customers while improving your businesses bottom line at the same time. Something as simple as rewarding a customer with a free hot drink for every ten they buy can give an independent coffee shop a competitive edge. While you are rewarding your customers for their consistent business, you are also giving them a reason to buy from your coffee shop instead of the one a few doors down.