What makes a successful customer service plan?

Some people argue that customer service starts before the customer walks through the door. That means your business really needs to make sure that the customers are the first priority from the very beginning. Many businesses lack an effective customer service plan. However, it is rather easy to develop a good one in order to gain strong customer satisfaction.

Greeting you customers while in line:

When lines have formed and customers are getting impatient, this is a perfect time to make them feel appreciated and noticed. An easy way to do this is by greeting your customers while they are waiting in line. Have someone strike up conversation with them and keep them engaged while waiting. Not only will this speed up the process for them, but it’s going to make them feel that they have been noticed and that your business is there to take care of them. No matter what the wait, this is going to make your customers happy and more loyal to your business.


Another part of your business that contributes to having a strong customer service plan is the cashier during the transaction. It is imperative your staff knows that while working the cashier, it is not solely about the transaction. How they are with the customer is just as important as the transaction, if not more so. They can be the deciding factor for if a specific customer will want to return. The image of your company stems from the cashiers so this is important. Make sure your cashiers have good communication skills. They must be willing to explain pricing to customers and understand their concerns. Greeting them and saying goodbye cheerfully will also help you know your customers will want to return.

Upselling and Cross Selling:

Upselling and cross selling doesn’t have to be a scheme. In fact, it can greatly help your customers. When done correctly, these can bring you closer to your customer while increasing sales simultaneously. Sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer puts upselling into perspective when he describes it as “helping your customers win.” You could ask things like, “would you like fries with that?” or “if you buy another pair its 50% off.” If you make it so your upselling and cross selling is personable for your customers, it’s going to greatly help you build deeper relations with your customers.

By Katelyn Fletcher

How to send an effective birthday coupon to your customers

Statistically, birthday emails are one of the most valuable emails you can send to your customers. Campaign Monitor specifically says that birthday emails have a 481% higher transaction rate than other promotional emails. But how do you make them most effective? Having a loyalty program such as Trezoro can give you the information you need to enable strong birthday marketing. However, there are also some other tools you can use to make you stand out among the countless other companies that offer rewards on people’s birthdays.

Have a loyalty program:

Having a loyalty program like Trezoro is the first step in order to make effective birthday coupons for your customers. You need a detailed customer database with information about your customers such as their birthdays, most purchased item, etc. Having this information will help make your birthday emails more personalized to your customers making them more likely to spend at your business on their special day.

Have a Strong Subject Line:

The first thing your customers see of your birthday email is the subject line, so it is really important you make this personal. Try to include both their name and gender. These two things will make your customer feel like you care more than the countless other birthday emails they are receiving. Tory Burch does a great job with the subject line. They makes sure each customer receives their email with the subject line customized with their name along with a “happy birthday” message! Besides the subject line, they also offer a 50 dollar gift card, which isn’t so bad!

Make a Clean and Fun Layout:

After your customer has been drawn by your strong and effective subject line, you have to continue by having a good layout. Make sure there is a fun birthday message at the top. However, what follows this is most important. It needs to be clear what you are offering. It is recommended to not do a combined offer. Simply do a discount or a specified amount of free credit. Starbucks does a great job with their format along with their simple but effective offer. The company gives a free item that a customer can easily access on their birthday. The email they send is also has a catchy banner saying “We’d never miss a birthday, there’s something good on your card.” Making it the offer clear while having a fun and pretty layout will keep the customer engaged while getting them excited to take the next step towards a transaction, whether that is online or in store.

Give your Customers Time:

On your birthday, you receive a lot of emails, so it’s important that your coupon gives your customer time to decide and buy with your offer. A lot of business recommend the offer expiring after 30 days. This will also make it more likely that they will remember your offer after the excitement of their birthday has calmed down. Make sure you include the amount of time they have to redeem their offer in the email. Many companies usually place this at the bottom.

By Katelyn Fletcher

Consistency is the Key to Successful Customer Relationships

Have consistency in your product:

When you have a business, providing the best version of your product to all your customers is a main goal. This seems rather obvious, but many times a business’s product can fail to be consistent, therefore giving customers a different experience every time they walk through the door. For example, if you have a coffee shop but the coffee tastes completely different every time, how will you get your customers returning? It will be almost impossible, so you need to make sure your product is consistent. This can be accomplished rather easily if you are aware of which step to getting the product to your customer is most susceptible to inconsistency. This usually comes from the employees, which we will talk about next.

Have consistency in your employees:

It is important that your customers can see consistency among all of your employees. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deliver a uniform customer experience. Employee consistency stems from clear communication and understanding of the company goals. It is also vital that you take the time to make sure your employees fully understand and know the company strategies and policies. It is a good idea to have them in writing and shown in the work place so there is no wiggle room for miscommunication. Consistency will also be delivered from treating your staff with respect while striving to make them happy during their work hours. Having them on the same page creates a uniform experience for your customers, which is what will always make them want to come back.

So what happens after consistency?

1. Trust in your brand:

One of the best results that stems from consistency that businesses love to see is a strong development of trust in your brand. If you deliver both a consistent product and consistent experience, your customers are automatically going to be happy. Your business becomes a strong environment and you will begin to see your customer retention sky rocket.

2. Developed Reputation:

Now that you have all of these happy customers, you are able to create a valuable reputation. Word of mouth is powerful, and you will see new customers start to become regulars and tell their friends about you. In addition, it’s always nice to know that a strong reputation among the community puts your business above all competitors.

3. Accuracy and Measurement:

An important part of both understanding and growing your business comes from measuring certain factors. Calculating both your inventory and amount of returning customers are just a few examples. But how can you get the most accurate data if you aren’t being consistent? If your employees are consistent along with your product, you can then gain accurate measurements that can help you analyze your strong and weak points of your business.

By Katelyn Fletcher

What should I include in my emails to subscribers?

Marketing to your customer base can be tricky, but emails can do a lot. Yet, it is really important that the content appeals to all of your subscribers. There are a few things that you can include to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, so these are some examples along with an explanation as to why they work well!

  1. New things on the menu:

    So you have your business and you want to get customers excited through your emails. One email that can make your customers wanting to return to your business can be dedicated to promoting your new items on the menu! Have a new drink or food item that you hope will become popular? Well this is a great way to get customers excited. Besides, it gives them a completely new reason to come into your store! Who knows, the new item might also become their new favorite from now on.

  2. Coupons

    Coupons are super easy, and they can do a lot for both your business and your customers. This can get them eager to come into your business another time, and maybe they will bring friends along the way! Having an email dedicated to coupons is an easy send, but it can give you major results that are important for your business. Any customer likes to know that you care about their spending habits and are willing to save them money! Statistically, when customers have coupons, they are likely to spend more money in store.

  3. Events happening in store

    Events in store can attract customers easily, so what better way to do this than market it in your emails to your subscribers? It is important to make it evident in the email the main purpose of the event, as well as the benefits your customers will receive by coming. Whether thats some helpful knowledge or a free item or meal, the email needs to contain incentive for the customer to want to come when it would otherwise be their free time. If this is done correctly, a simple in store event will get your customers remembering just how wonderful your business truly is.

  4. Special one day offers

    An email containing a one time special offer is a great way to automatically get a lot of business for a day. Not only will it remind customers of your store and what you are willing to offer, but this is yet another way to drive in new business. This can especially be helpful if you have a product that hasn’t sold well that you want to put on sale. People get excited no matter what the deal is, and they will definitely spend more in your store. Make the email clear that this is a one day offer and to hurry in to get a great deal(s)!

  5. Birthday Emails

    An email saying “happy birthday” while giving a special offer is one of the most personalized things you can do for your customers, so really take note. With the customer feeling important, they are also more liking to spend more in your store. In an American Express survey from Help Scout, they found that 7/10 people are willing to spend more with companies providing good customer service that makes each individual feel special and important. So make sure you are sending these emails to as many customers as possible!

By Katelyn Fletcher

How to create a strong mailing list

Email marketing databases decrease by about 22.5% every year. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be you, as long as you know how to maintain a strong email marketing list! In regards to marketing for your business, you need to be constantly adding new contacts and emails to keep your database growing. There are easy ways to do this, which we have explained below for you!

1. Create good content:

You’re going to get more subscribers as long as you have good content. Spend time on it and make sure it is clean, fun, and easy to read. If you don’t take the time to perfect this simple step, it’s going to be hard for you to gain and maintain a stronger database of subscribers.

3. Have current subscribers share your emails with their friends:

When you send emails, make it very clear that the customers should share emails with their friends! When they do so, your expanding your network to a brand new set of customers. Even better, these individuals will probably be interested in your business because their friends are as well! Make sure in your marketing email to include a subscriber button somewhere that is easy and clear to see. This enables new customers to easily be added to your list automatically!

4. Get a loyalty program, like Trezoro!

The two previous examples are ways to help your mailing list grow directly through mail itself. However, a loyalty software such as Trezoro can help with growing your list without a physical email. When signing up a new customer for a loyalty plan, you enter their email address to get them signed up to start earning points, punches, and lots of rewards! This is an easy way to get them into a list without them having to subscribe themselves. You’re list will grow drastically and at a very quick rate, giving you leverage over other businesses. Besides this, the loyalty program is also going to give you more loyal customers, its a win-win!

By Katelyn Fletcher

Why a mailing list is a good idea for your company

1. The simplest way to reach mobile customers:

Mobile phones make it super easy to reach all kinds of customers. If you are trying to contact them, it definitely makes it easy. It is the most reliable way to reach these customers. It also surpasses other online marketing tools such as social media because everyone has an email, and everyone checks it multiple times each day! You are much more likely to have a customer see an email you sent, instead of a picture you posted on your Instagram. Besides that, an email directly to your customer is much more personable.

2. Inexpensive:

Email marketing is not only easy for you, but it is one of your most inexpensive options. It gives you a lot of options with a small price. The only thing you might need to purchase is a email marketing software, which we will discuss in a later post! Super easy and super cheap, what could be better than that?

3 . Personable:

The fun part about email marketing is that you get to make it personal and fun. Each email can have a different feel, and you can get customers excited by making emails fun to read and look at. Besides looks, you can also get personable with the message. You can send specific customers things for their birthday or special events directly catered to them, making your customers feel special and loved by your business.

By Katelyn Fletcher