Customer Service Strategy

Taken from the Pret a Manager and Zappos website Having a Strong Customer Service Strategy: A Bain & Company survey found that only 8% of companies truly deliver a superior customer experience. Why is this so low? Well, many don’t realize that a good customer service strategy stems from the top. Attentive employees with clear […]

Types of loyalty plans

Which type of loyalty plan will benefit my business? Every business has the goal to keep customer retention high while growing their new sales. But to achieve this perfect growth, we have found it important to make sure you are choosing the loyalty program best tailored to your company! Observing the category of your business […]

POS Systems: how to pick the right one

Choosing a Point of Sales (POS) System is one of the most important technology investments to be considered when opening a small business. So what is a POS system anyways? Basically it’s a computerized network all leading back to where the customer makes their buying transaction. POS systems are not a one size fits all […]

5 Steps to Keep Customers Loyal

Customer loyalty is important – everyone know this. What we are noticing, however, is that many small business owners are undervaluing its true prominence in determining future success. First time customers are great and getting people in the door for the first time is half the battle – but how do you get these customers […]

Coffee Shop Economics – The Secret to Profitability

We recently watched Andrew Tolley’s talk on ‘coffee shop economics’ that took place at Barista Camp a little over a month ago. What he had to say was eye opening, to say the least. The overarching theme of the talk was the importance of profitability and its significance in successful coffee shop ventures. As the […]

Dominos – The Power of Customer Feedback

Dominos was named America’s favorite pizza brand, according to statistics from the 2015 Brand Keys customer engagement index . When asked what they attributed this recognition to they responded with “by listening to our customers”. Customer feedback has driven Dominos to revamp their almost 50-year-old recipe, expand their menu and implement technological innovations like their […]

Loyalty schemes in the age of the ‘Millennials’

2015 was named ‘Year of the Millennial Consumer’ by Forbes magazine, and certainly with good reason. As the largest generation in world history they are soon predicted to have the largest purchasing power in the consumer market – more than the boomers! These are the consumers businesses need to be appealing to, so knowing a […]

The road to becoming one of the best coffee shops in London

Keeping up with the Chains There is no denying that the UK coffee shop industry is dominated by big brand names. Well-known chains like Costa Coffee (1,821 outlets) Starbucks (824 outlets) and Café Nero (580 outlets) represent a large portion of the market and their presence is certainly growing. This doesn’t leave much room for […]

The road to becoming one of the best coffee shops in London

Coffee Consumption in the UK It’s no secret that the UK is on the low end of the list when it comes to European coffee consumption. Analysts at Barclays and the International Coffee Association have found that Brits consume only 2.8 kg of coffee per head, just a fraction of the 7 kg per head consumed in countries […]