Loyalty Tips Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

Consistency is the Key to Successful Customer Relationships

Have consistency in your product:

When you have a business, providing the best version of your product to all your customers is a main goal. This seems rather obvious, but many times a business’s product can fail to be consistent, therefore giving customers a different experience every time they walk through the door. For example, if you have a coffee shop but the coffee tastes completely different every time, how will you get your customers returning? It will be almost impossible, so you need to make sure your product is consistent. This can be accomplished rather easily if you are aware of which step to getting the product to your customer is most susceptible to inconsistency. This usually comes from the employees, which we will talk about next.

Have consistency in your employees:

It is important that your customers can see consistency among all of your employees. Otherwise, you won’t be able to deliver a uniform customer experience. Employee consistency stems from clear communication and understanding of the company goals. It is also vital that you take the time to make sure your employees fully understand and know the company strategies and policies. It is a good idea to have them in writing and shown in the work place so there is no wiggle room for miscommunication. Brand consistency will also be delivered from treating your staff with respect while striving to make them happy during their work hours. Having them on the same page creates a uniform experience for your customers, which is what will always make them want to come back.

So what happens after consistency?

1. Trust in your brand:

One of the best results that stems from consistency that businesses love to see is a strong development of trust in your brand. If you deliver both a consistent product and consistent experience, your customers are automatically going to be happy. Your business becomes a strong environment and you will begin to see your customer retention sky rocket.

2. Developed Reputation:

Now that you have all of these happy customers, you are able to create a valuable reputation. Word of mouth is powerful, and you will see new customers start to become regulars and tell their friends about you. In addition, it’s always nice to know that a strong reputation among the community puts your business above all competitors.

3. Accuracy and Measurement:

An important part of both understanding and growing your business comes from measuring certain factors. Calculating both your inventory and amount of returning customers are just a few examples. But how can you get the most accurate data if you aren’t being consistent? If your employees are consistent along with your product, you can then gain accurate measurements that can help you analyze your strong and weak points of your business.

By Katelyn Fletcher