Loyalty Tips Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

What should I include in my emails to subscribers?

Marketing to your customer base can be tricky, but emails can do a lot. Yet, it is really important that the content appeals to all of your subscribers. There are a few things that you can include to get the most out of your email marketing strategy, so these are some examples along with an explanation as to why they work well!

  1. New things on the menu:

    So you have your business and you want to get customers excited through your emails. One email that can make your customers wanting to return to your business can be dedicated to promoting your new items on the menu! Have a new drink or food item that you hope will become popular? Well this is a great way to get customers excited. Besides, it gives them a completely new reason to come into your store! Who knows, the new item might also become their new favorite from now on.

  2. Coupons

    Coupons are super easy, and they can do a lot for both your business and your customers. This can get them eager to come into your business another time, and maybe they will bring friends along the way! Having an email dedicated to coupons is an easy send, but it can give you major results that are important for your business. Any customer likes to know that you care about their spending habits and are willing to save them money! Statistically, when customers have coupons, they are likely to spend more money in store.

  3. Events happening in store

    Events in store can attract customers easily, so what better way to do this than market it in your emails to your subscribers? It is important to make it evident in the email the main purpose of the event, as well as the benefits your customers will receive by coming. Whether thats some helpful knowledge or a free item or meal, the email needs to contain incentive for the customer to want to come when it would otherwise be their free time. If this is done correctly, a simple in store event will get your customers remembering just how wonderful your business truly is.

  4. Special one day offers

    An email containing a one time special offer is a great way to automatically get a lot of business for a day. Not only will it remind customers of your store and what you are willing to offer, but this is yet another way to drive in new business. This can especially be helpful if you have a product that hasn’t sold well that you want to put on sale. People get excited no matter what the deal is, and they will definitely spend more in your store. Make the email clear that this is a one day offer and to hurry in to get a great deal(s)!

  5. Birthday Emails

    An email saying “happy birthday” while giving a special offer is one of the most personalized things you can do for your customers, so really take note. With the customer feeling important, they are also more liking to spend more in your store. In an American Express survey from Help Scout, they found that 7/10 people are willing to spend more with companies providing good customer service that makes each individual feel special and important. So make sure you are sending these emails to as many customers as possible!

By Katelyn Fletcher