Loyalty Tips Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

How to ask your customers to join your loyalty program

Yes, your loyalty program is important. However, how you ask customers to join is just as vital. Although you can teach your employees all about the loyalty program, how they approach each customer with the simple question as to if they want to join probably plays one of the biggest role in the success rate. There are a few things you can do to make sure your customers are being asked in a way that will make them feel like they want to join so they don’t miss out on rewards, instead of it seeming like a task.

One of the most common mistakes when asking your customers is when the employee’s first line on the topic is “do you want to join our loyalty program?” Here are the reasons it doesn’t work.

1. It seems impersonal

When you randomly ask if they want to join your loyalty program, it makes the customer think you’re required to ask aren’t truly interested in them joining. If this is the case, why would they want to take the time to enter their information? Making the process personable is the top priority in making your customers want to join.

2. They don’t know or understand the rewards

If they have no idea how the loyalty program will help them specifically, then they aren’t going to take the time to sign up either. So when presenting the question, make sure that before they have the chance to answer, they specifically understand their personal benefits of joining.

3. It seems like a waste of time

Make the process easy. Don’t make it time consuming. Time is limited and customers are going to quickly get annoyed if they have to take more than a few seconds to sign up. You can also just ask them for their email really fast, making them not having to do anything! You can do this with loyalty programs such as Trezoro.

So what is the best way to ask your customers?

First: Recognize what they have just purchased

After seeing what they just bought, ask if they want to receive rewards when buying more of these products in the future! (This can especially be helpful if the customer is a regular and you’ve noticed they often want the same item) For example, after a customer buys a coffee, you could say, “Would you like to get a free coffee in the future after just another 5 purchases?” If they then say yes, you can introduce the loyalty program to them.

Second: Inform them about your loyalty program

After they seem interested in earning a reward in the future, let them know about your loyalty program such as Trezoro. Tell them what they can earn after how many times in store. When they know the quick details, it will make them want to sign up more.

Third: Ask if they want to join

After asking if they will soon want to earn rewards on their recently bought item and they understand a little bit about your loyalty program, then ask if they want to join. It can even be “If you just give me your name and email I can sign you up and you can start earning the rewards next time you come in!” This way it seems like you really want them to earn rewards and that you are interested in saving them money. In most to all cases, the customer will not say no if you have followed these simple steps!

Photo from Clover

By Katelyn Fletcher