Loyalty Tips Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

What makes a successful customer service plan?

Some people argue that customer service starts before the customer walks through the door. That means your business really needs to make sure that the customers are the first priority from the very beginning. Many businesses lack an effective customer service plan. However, it is rather easy to develop a good one in order to gain strong customer satisfaction.

Greeting you customers while in line:

When lines have formed and customers are getting impatient, this is a perfect time to make them feel appreciated and noticed. An easy way to do this is by greeting your customers while they are waiting in line. Have someone strike up conversation with them and keep them engaged while waiting. Not only will this speed up the process for them, but it’s going to make them feel that they have been noticed and that your business is there to take care of them. No matter what the wait, this is going to make your customers happy and more loyal to your business.


Another part of your business that contributes to having a strong customer service plan is the cashier during the transaction. It is imperative your staff knows that while working the cashier, it is not solely about the transaction. How they are with the customer is just as important as the transaction, if not more so. They can be the deciding factor for if a specific customer will want to return. The image of your company stems from the cashiers so this is important. Make sure your cashiers have good communication skills. They must be willing to explain pricing to customers and understand their concerns. Greeting them and saying goodbye cheerfully will also help you know your customers will want to return.

Upselling and Cross Selling:

Upselling and cross selling doesn’t have to be a scheme. In fact, it can greatly help your customers. When done correctly, these can bring you closer to your customer while increasing sales simultaneously. Sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer puts upselling into perspective when he describes it as “helping your customers win.” You could ask things like, “would you like fries with that?” or “if you buy another pair its 50% off.” If you make it so your upselling and cross selling is personable for your customers, it’s going to greatly help you build deeper relations with your customers.

By Katelyn Fletcher