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Restaurant Opening: Offer Outdoor Dine-ins (or Out)

Restaurant reopening is though these days. And for some restaurants, there are several factors that are preventing them from reopening and one of those is their tight space.

Of course, businesses across the country should follow at least the minimum public health measures in order for them to operate during the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses should be requiring customers to wear face masks when entering their stores, and secondly, that social distancing should be observed.

Restaurant reopening amidst the pandemic

Several restaurants have already opened their doors again for dine-ins and here’s what they did. Well, it’s really not opening their actual doors, but rather opening their parking spaces and offering a new dining experience. Tables and chairs now cover the sidewalks and parking spaces, barriers are all over the store premises, and health-related signs are posted everywhere.

Sure, this dining option may not be as popular with your customers as a full reopening, but it’s another way to serve your customers in the meantime. You can also accommodate take-out and delivery requests. That way, you serve different types of customers (or their eating preferences to say the least), and more importantly, you can stay top of mind with your regulars.

Reward customers for their visits

But of course, there is more to restaurant reopening than just offering a new dining experience. To keep customers coming back, you need to incentivize their visits. And the best way to keep customers loyal is to reward them. A happy customer means good business.

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