How to ask your customers to join your loyalty program

Yes, your loyalty program is important. However, how you ask customers to join is just as vital. Although you can teach your employees all about the loyalty program, how they approach each customer with the simple question as to if they want to join probably plays one of the biggest role in the success rate. […]

How to promote your loyalty plan

5 Ways to Promote Your Loyalty Program: So you have a loyalty program for your business, but you’re wondering what promotional steps will truly make an impact. You might be asking yourself, “How do I promote my program to get customers dying to return?” Well here are 5 key tips for promoting your loyalty plan […]

How to Choose Your Rewards for your Loyalty Program

Setting Up A Rewards Program- Selecting Rewards Are you ready to introduce a loyalty program to your business? An exciting and tempting loyalty program will help to keep customers coming through your doors again and again whilst encouraging them to spend more. They feel valued and rewarded and your business performance sky rockets. It’s a […]