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How to promote your loyalty plan

5 Ways to Promote Your Loyalty Program:

So you have a loyalty program for your business, but you’re wondering what promotional steps will truly make an impact. You might be asking yourself, “How do I promote my program to get customers dying to return?” Well here are 5 key tips for promoting your loyalty plan to help your business go above and beyond the expectation.

  1. Train your employees: It is really important to make sure your management is taking the time to correctly train your employees. There are two aspects to this tip that correlate to your loyalty program. First, make sure your employees truly understand the plan. Are they emotionally connected? But even more so, make sure you have trained them to present the plan to each customer effectively. It is helpful to remember that each customer has different needs, and a good employee will know how to get the customer excited about the plan while catering to their desires.
  2. Instruct your employees to ask every customer: This is a crucial aspect to think about for your business that is often overlooked. You won’t receive unless you ask, so make sure your employees understand that the strongest way to receive big results is by asking every customer if they are a member of the loyalty program. We know consistency is key, and this stands true with this point.
  3. Send notifications to your customers by email/text: We are all busy, and sometimes your customers might have a lot going on. But don’t worry, an easy way to grab their attention on the go is with a quick text or email telling them they have the chance to receive a free item and you’re excited to see them! This is one of the easiest ways to promote your plan when an employee isn’t directly there to incentivise them to join. And, if you don’t have an email list already, a loyalty program such as Trezoro is a great way to build this!
  4. Use Social Media: With so many different platforms available, using social media to promote your plan can be super simple. Getting people aware of your program and its legitimacy through social media is important. With strong promotion through these platforms, you will see returning customers enter your business already excited about your plan, or even new customers who are now aware of the rewards you offer! You can even post pictures of your prizes or tag a few key customers in a post telling them they have earned a reward.
  5. Advertise with displays: Advertising within your business is another easy way to promote your program. It can be as simple as a display on the counter, or a vibrant and fun poster. Both of these can catch customer eyes and get them started and invested quickly. This a fun and inviting way for customers to set up their plan. Not only will it be memorable, but the next time they come into your store they will already be ready to start gaining rewards right off the bat!

Photo by Unsplash

By Katelyn Fletcher