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Choosing Email Marketing Software for your Business

Email marketing can be a great way to get in touch with potential customers while making your existing ones love you all the more. In today’s world, there are so many options when it comes to email marketing, and it is important to figure out which software can best meet your needs. In this post we will focus on some of the big name providers and learn about how each have strong aspects that might resonate with you and your business.

1. Mail Chimp
Starting Price: Free

  1. Good for Any Size Business: The features of Mail Chimp really fulfill the needs of any company. The best part being that it is as easy to integrate for 500 subscribers as it is for 50,000. Whether you are a small business or work internationally, you can trust in Mail Chimp for your unique needs. Besides this, Mail Chimp is known to be easy to use throughout the process.
  2. Strong Mobile Capabilities: Mail Chimp is known for their multiple mobile options, having a staggering 7 mobile apps available for download! With MailChimp Mobile, one of the most popular, you can easily see your customers and add notes to them individually, check reports, and send a campaign. You can also use another app called MailChimp Snap to send a quick and easy photo email to either a select few of your subscribers, or all of them! These mobile features give you an advantage over companies with alternate software, because you really know what’s going on with your subscribers, which is important.
  3. Notable Abuse Prevention: Mail Chimp also focuses on abuse prevention with an initiative called Omnivore. This is a really strong tool that enables business owners to feel confident in the software. It is able to predict bad behavior in campaigns from the very start, therefore keeping the system clean.

Free Trial Available

2. Constant Contact:
Starting Price: $15/month

  1. Strong Customer Support: Constant Contact is specifically known for strong customer support, giving you lots of options when needing help. You are able to start a live chat with a representative, send an email to the team, make a call to customer service, and even connect to them via Twitter! Besides this, the software also provides different video tutorials to help you along the way. This makes businesses comfortable with the software when trying to best deliver to their subscribers.
  2. Numerous Customizable Templates: The software offers several vibrant templates that are easy to customize. With each having a different theme and purpose, you will have plenty to choose from. These will really stand out compared to other emails your subscribers are receiving. Also, they are extremely easy to customize making it very desirable for small businesses.
  3. Extensive PLUS features: Constant Contact’s PLUS features enable you to go way beyond emails. This includes the possibilities of collecting donations, creating surveys, offering coupons (retailers favorite), and even running live events. These are some of the customer’s favorite aspects making you stand out compared to other companies trying to accomplish successful email marketing.

Free Trial Available

Photos taken from the Mail Chimp and Constant Contact Website

By Katelyn Fletcher