Loyalty Tips Tips for Coffee Shop Owners

Why a mailing list is a good idea for your company

1. The simplest way to reach mobile customers:

Mobile phones make it super easy to reach all kinds of customers. If you are trying to contact them, it definitely makes it easy. It is the most reliable way to reach these customers. It also surpasses other online marketing tools such as social media because everyone has an email, and everyone checks it multiple times each day! You are much more likely to have a customer see an email you sent, instead of a picture you posted on your Instagram. Besides that, an email directly to your customer is much more personable.

2. Inexpensive:

Email marketing is not only easy for you, but it is one of your most inexpensive options. It gives you a lot of options with a small price. The only thing you might need to purchase is a email marketing software, which we will discuss in a later post! Super easy and super cheap, what could be better than that?

3 . Personable:

The fun part about email marketing is that you get to make it personal and fun. Each email can have a different feel, and you can get customers excited by making emails fun to read and look at. Besides looks, you can also get personable with the message. You can send specific customers things for their birthday or special events directly catered to them, making your customers feel special and loved by your business.

By Katelyn Fletcher