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How to create a strong mailing list

Email marketing databases decrease by about 22.5% every year. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be you, as long as you know how to maintain a strong email marketing list! In regards to marketing for your business, you need to be constantly adding new contacts and emails to keep your database growing. There are easy ways to do this, which we have explained below for you!

1. Create good content:

You’re going to get more subscribers as long as you have good content. Spend time on it and make sure it is clean, fun, and easy to read. If you don’t take the time to perfect this simple step, it’s going to be hard for you to gain and maintain a stronger database of subscribers.

3. Have current subscribers share your emails with their friends:

When you send emails, make it very clear that the customers should share emails with their friends! When they do so, your expanding your network to a brand new set of customers. Even better, these individuals will probably be interested in your business because their friends are as well! Make sure in your marketing email to include a subscriber button somewhere that is easy and clear to see. This enables new customers to easily be added to your list automatically!

4. Get a loyalty program, like Trezoro!

The two previous examples are ways to help your mailing list grow directly through mail itself. However, a loyalty software such as Trezoro can help with growing your list without a physical email. When signing up a new customer for a loyalty plan, you enter their email address to get them signed up to start earning points, punches, and lots of rewards! This is an easy way to get them into a list without them having to subscribe themselves. You’re list will grow drastically and at a very quick rate, giving you leverage over other businesses. Besides this, the loyalty program is also going to give you more loyal customers, its a win-win!

By Katelyn Fletcher